Different types of hydraulic drilling machines – the most applicability on the market

In daily life, rock drilling machine is normally seen as the digging and breaking equipment on the ground. The basic idea is to drill and break the rock through back and forward movement of certain components.

The most applicable market for this kind of equipment is the construction industry. Most of the times, it is also applied for water dam projects. Because a lot of places on these projects need this kind of equipment to achieve certain goals. Many things cannot be done without the help of drilling machine.

All the drilling machines are made of metal due to the nature of the working environment. Currently simple, compact and low weight are the three major characteristics for rock drilling products.

In the rock drilling industry, there are normally three different theories to make three types of rock drilling machine. The first theory is to achieve rock-drill through compressed air power. The second theory is to achieve rock-drill through gas-fire power. The last theory is to achieve rock-drill through compressed hydraulic power. Each type of theories provides its unique design and characteristics.

The working efficiency also varies for different kinds of drilling machines. Normally the gas-fire power machine is more widely used than the other two types. It is because it can be used in all the working conditions, no matter on mountains or on flat ground, etc.